zcomet - Fast, Simple Zsh Plugin Manager

Do you ever dream of having a clean-looking .zshrc and enjoying swift Zsh startup times? Are you tired of tortured syntax and the frustrations of deferred initialization voodoo? Whether you are new to Zsh or a seasoned user, zcomet can be a convenient and efficient way to manage plugins.

A plugin manager performs a few basic tasks:

  • Cloning plugin repositories
  • Updating plugins
  • Sourcing plugin initialization scripts
  • Managing FPATH

A really good plugin manager should also handle completions intelligently (compinit and compdef) and compile scripts (especially the completions dump file). zcomet does all this and more. If you were to write a very careful .zshrc that did all of these things without using a plugin manager, it could potentially be very fast, but it would be long, complex, and hard to manage. With zcomet, it is as simple as

# Load zcomet
source /path/to/zcomet.zsh

# Load some plugins
zcomet load author1/plugin1
zcomet load author2/plugin2
zcomet load author3/plugin3

# Load completions
zcomet compinit

Surely there must be a lot of overhead from having zcomet do the work for you? Actually, shell startup with zcomet is so efficient that it will feel as if you are not even using a plugin manager:

Latencies in Milliseconds

Many thanks to Roman Perepelitsa for sharing his zsh-bench benchmarking utility.

Try zcomet now!

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